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About Unicoat Pharma :

is a pharmaceutical company engaged in the Marketing of drug covering virtually every therapeutic segment. With Highly dedicated motivation in the pharmaceutical industry,

We are a Pharmaceutical company focussing entirely on the Marketing  of medicines for Pharma marketing companies across India. We are one of the most professionally managed companies engaged in Pharma Third Party Manufacturing in Baddi area of Himachal Pradesh.

We are dedicated to save lives and improve the quality of life. The UNICOAT PHARMA  product portfolio includes prescription medicines. Our prescription medicines range across different therapeutic areas.

We are a quality conscious, customer centric and technology driven organisation whose only focus is to manufacture high-quality drugs for our customers so that they can in turn focus solely on the marketing aspect of their business. And while doing this, we never forget to remain responsive and flexible to the changing needs of our customers resulted by the changing trends and evolution of the marketplace. Because being a veteran in this field for two decades, we have seen various molecules getting introduced, completing their life cycle and then getting replaced by newer molecules. Having seen it all, we very well understand that change is the only constant in this highly sophisticated and knowledge-based  Pharmaceutical industry. Therefore we continuously strive to keep pace with the latest requirements of this field by adopting new technologies, investing in research activities and introducing new molecules.

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